The passion and need for constant self-inquiry came to me very early in life. From there I began to seek for different tools to access a deeper self-knowledge, in which I realized to bring contentment, purpose, and a sense of connection along with it.

I first ran into my family's religion, then I began to study different religions and spiritual paths myself and found my own spirituality and lifestyle. From that on my journey through self-transformation never stopped, as I came across psychology, counseling, reiki, quantum physics and healing, past-life regression therapy, and of course yoga. The first time I practiced yoga was back in Brazil around 2009, even though it did not felt immediately good in my body, my mind and soul loved it. My journey had begun. Since then, I went on and off of my mat and physical practice, until I found Jane's House to call it one of my heart's home. There was where I found inspiration to a deeper devotion to the yoga practice. The intelligence, gentleness, and simplicity of the Dynamic Yoga Method went right through my soul's needs. Thus, I began the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the second half of 2014. Right now, I can only talk from my heart about the deep gratitude I have to be part of this beautiful community and how excited I am to continue a lifelong journey into the ancient wisdom of yoga. I believe sharing is the only way towards a learning-teaching relationship with the world, and being a yoga teacher is one of my ways of being part of this beauty. Namaste!