Stephanie Evans
I re-discovered yoga in 2011 when I decided to start exercising and improve my flexibility. I didn't realize at the time the self worth I would find. I chose to come to Jane's House of Well-Being so that I would learn the correct way to practice and found a new understanding of my body and once I started - I didn't want to stop. 
Within two years, I was looking to deepen my own practice and started the yoga teaching training program in August 2013. It was the most enlightening period of personal growth. During this time, I decided if the opportunity presented itself to share my love of yoga with others. 
I have found Restorative and Yin Yoga to be very beneficial to compliment my weight loss journey. It helps to ground me when life gets busy.
I am very blessed to have become part of the Jane's House family. Robin and Christy were the first to help me and the other teachers have increased my love of learning.
I look forward to helping any and all that are looking for that balance to their life.