matt and holly

Sacrifice and Devotion: the 7 stages of spiritual development in the Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is one of the world classics of spiritual literature, and it is central to both the ancient and modern iterations of Yoga practice. One of the gifts the Gita bestows is an accurate and exciting depiction of the changes that the individual goes through as she matures spiritually. As such, it posits Devotion as the natural terminus, or final stage of maturing along the path. Join Matthew and Holly Krepps for a weekend of inquiry into the nature of Devotion and its place in human maturation. Our inquiry draws it material, inspiration and conclusions from Chapter 12 of the Gita. Joining in this conversation supports reflection on the methods we embody in our practice, the aims we cherish and hope for, and the relation of these things to larger world.

Date(s):  Saturday July 22nd & Sunday July 23rd, 2017
Time(s):  Saturday 9am-12pm, Saturday 2-5pm, & Sunday 9am-12pm
Cost:  $55.00 per session OR $150.00 Full Workshop  REGISTER HERE NOW!!!!!


Saturday Morning, 9am-12pm: Building discipline: the bedrock of practice. 

The first three stages in the developmental sequence are not specifically expressive of devotion, but are considered foundational for the process. They are concerned with an individual's embodying right knowledge, right concentration, and right relationship with action and its fruits. As this session deals with developing foundations, the asana and pranayama practices will focus on the core of the body and its development. We'll process the Gita's ideas about discipline in Satsang. All levels of practioner are welcome. 

Saturday Afternoon, 2-5pm:  The Birth of Devotion: performing action as a devotional offering.

The first inkling of devotion begins when the actions we take can be offered as a means of serving something other than our ordinary selves. At this stage, the discomfort we feel when making sacrifices that serve a higher purpose becomes a guide that continuously clarifies our purpose and direction. As this session deals with the initial awakening of the devoted heart and the challenges it faces, the practice will consist of supported back bends and compassion meditation. We will process the Gita's ideas about sacrifice and its relationship to devotion in Satsang. All levels of Practitioner are welcome.

Sunday Morning, 9am-12pm:  Spontaneous Absorption in the Divine Body: Our Personal Vision.

The full Flowering of Devotion emerges when the sense of separation between our selves the Source of all things is undermined. The Gita describes this stage as highly personalized in its relationship with the Transcendent Source. As such it offers sage advice for a creature with a social nature as strong as that of the human, a creature who needs to see its highest values embodied in others in order to fully realize their significance. As this session deals with the essence of personal creativity and the realized heart, the practice will combine posture, pranayama and mantra. Open to all levels of practitioner.

Instructor:  Matthew Krepps, Co-Founder, Program Director, C-IAYT, E-500RYT, Ayurvedic Chef, Functional Movement Expert