The kettlebell is one of the single most versatile and effective tools for any level of fitness.  How effective is the it?  When used properly the kettlebell can:

bring balance and coordination to your body 

improve mobility and range of motion

increase your body's resistance to injury

burn fat and build muscle simultaneously

burn up to 20 calories per minute

build strength, durability, and mental toughness

Date(s): Sunday(s); August 13, 20, &27 & September 10
Time: 9:45am to 10:45am
Cost: $60.00  REGISTER HERE NOW!!!

The magic is in the momentum, and technique is everything.  This 4 week series will get you started on the 6 fundamental movements:



Bottoms Up Clean




Once you are efficient at these 6 moves, options for creating workouts become endless. And because of this, kettlebells are the perfect addition to any fitness routine.  Adding a half hour kettlebell workout / 3 days a week to your yoga practice, will change your life!  DOWNLOAD A FLYER TO SHARE!!!