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Advanced Teacher Training

This training is designed to advance any teacher’s skills by engaging her in a deep and considered dialogue between the two great converging streams of Ancient Eastern physical, psychological, and contemplative traditions, and the modern Western perspectives on the body and mind in light of evolutionary theory, evolutionary psychology, neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology.

By viewing the human being from the light of these two systems with equal vigor, aspiring teachers are encouraged to experience the complex relationship between the rational mind, human creativity and inspiration, the heart, and consciousness. This experience in turn generates a keen awareness of how each system is limited in certain ways, and what those limitations say to someone whose vocation is to assist others in spiritual transformation.

This dialogue unfolds as an investigation into five main areas:

  • Introduction to Yoga as therapy: placing Hatha Yoga and the aims it harbors for health and transformation within the context of Ayurveda: asana, pranayama and meditation in relation to the doshas.
  • Technical training in advanced asana.
  • Spiritual training – ancient and Modern psychology: the human mind/spirit viewed through Darwinian evolutionary theory, neuro-physiology, and the ancient models of the Chakras, Koshas, and the Enneagram.
  • Advanced training in teaching itself: A systematic study of identifying differences in learning styles in students, strategies for planning workshops and intensives, and developing a refined teaching dialogue by creating and sustaining themes and layers of meaning in classes.
  • The development of personal understanding, and tools for inquiry: strategies for reading and studying sacred texts as meditations, and the engagement of Gurdjieff oriented techniques like sensing vs. thinking about, seeing and recognizing, conscious labor, observing the machine vs. trying to awaken it directly.

This program is available to those who have completed an initial 200-hour training in yoga.

If you are an RYT and want to participate in an advanced module for CEU’s and/or out of interest in the subject matter offered, you are welcome to participate without enrolling in the overall program. 

Intensive One - WATER

Philosophical Models:   Eastern and Western Wellbeing Models
Evolutionary Anatomy:   Cephalo-caudal Trend, Role of Movement
Anatomy / Physiology Focus:  Soft Tissue, Intro to Breathing Mechanics
Yoga Practice:  Evolutionary Namaskar, Self-Remembering
Intervention Tools:  Pranayama, Rolling and Cold Stretching, Primitive movement Paterns

Intensive Two - EARTH

Philosophical Models:   Ayurvedic Doshas, Brahmana / Langhana
Evolutionary Anatomy:  Cross Patterns / X Patterns
Anatomy/Physiology: Focus  Core Activation (Front and Back), "Bracing" and Spine Support, Motor Control (Stability and the Nervous System
Yoga Practice:   McGill-inspired Core Work, Self-Observation
Intervention Tools:  Evolutionary Namaskar, McGill, Founder, Turkish / Czech Get-Ups, Pranayama Lanaguage 

Intensive Three - AIR

Philosophical Models:   Vayus
Anatomy/Physiology Focus:  Functional Movement (Mobility, Motor Contro)
Yoga Practice:  Vayu Meditation, JFS, Ido's Stick Game, Teacups, Wall Stand
Intervention Tools:  Scaling the practice, Pranayama, Meditation


Intensive Four - FIRE

Philosophical Models:   Perfomrance Pyramid, Samadhi, The Flow State
Evolutionary Anatomy:  Spirals, Creating Torque
Anatomy/Physiology Focus:  Building Strength and High Level Motor Control
Yoga Practice:  Vihyuha, Advanced Multiplane, Advnced Gate
Treatment Tools:  Periodization, Waving Intensity

Intensive Five - SPACE

Philosophical Models:   Ignorance / Avidya, Klesha
Evolutionary Anatomy:  Self-Deception as an adaptive strategy
Anatomy/Physiology Focus:  Eastern and Western theories of Mind
Yoga Practice:  Contemplation
Treatment Tools:  Ennegram, Self Remembering and Self-Observeation

Schedule & Fees

500 Hour Teacher Training Requirements

500 Hour Teacher Training Application

2018 -Schedule

Intensive One: WATER - February 22nd - 25th, 2018

Intensive Two: EARTH - April 5th - 8th, 2018

Intensive Three: AIR - July 26th - 29th, 2018

Intensive Four: FIRE - September 20th - 23rd, 2018

Intensive Five: SPACE - December 6th - 9th, 2018


Between each module will be online video chat classroom time (a total of approx. 10 hours for the entire course)

Total Course Fee: $3200.00 (includes course fee, application, and online classroom); Payment plan per module available.