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Leigh Anne Barnes
2014-08-25, 00:35
My heart is full of gratitude for Robin Buck and all of the teachers at Jane's House of Well Being for providing a safe, honest, loving environment - perfect for the practice of going within and seeing one's self. The teacher training program offered at this studio is beyond amazing! One learns so much about yoga. Posture practice is learned but more importantly, the philosophy behind the posture is recognized and felt. In addition to the asana, one learns how to incorporate pranayama and meditation - creating a more holistic class. The training, like any anything offered at Jane's House, is taught with a loving heart and a strong desire for personal growth.
I would encourage anyone interested in teaching yoga to complete your training here. The notion of 'transformation' was discussed frequently as I began the journey. At first, I didn't know what to think of this; I was expecting a sudden, drastic change to occur. As the year long training progressed, I began to see how transformation is constantly occurring, never ceasing. It also involves seeing all parts of yourself - the darkness and the light, the interplay between the two and the importance of both. I am so blessed to be part of a community that honors and supports the path of self inquiry. The journey has truly just begun!
Sarah Clark-Farnell
2014-07-15, 18:29
The 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Jane’s House is an amazing, transformative experience. The program is supported by many very experienced, compassionate teachers who will challenge you to grow on and off the yoga mat. I have loved my time in the program, and I am truly not the same person I was at the start of this journey. I have gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to be a successful yoga teacher. If you are thinking about yoga teacher training, I encourage you to check out Jane’s House. One visit to the studio and I think you’ll be sold by the warmth and openness of the teachers and students. I was, and I couldn’t be happier about it!
David Millsap
2014-04-03, 22:48
I have been practicing Yoga for about 3 years now in different places and styles. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what yoga was all about, Jane's House opened my eyes to a much bigger picture. I have been practicing at Jane's House for about 6 weeks now and I feel like I have grown a great deal in that time. My journey brought me here at a time that I needed it most and I am deeply grateful. Unfortunately my journey is taking me out of state and I will be forced to take on the impossible task of locating a Yoga studio that is as good as Jane's House. I would like to thank the staff, instructors and fellow students for making me feel welcome and for sharing their practice with me. I would like to send out special thanks to Sarah for being especially supportive and cheerful each day. Thanks again and I wish you all well and I hope our paths will cross again soon
2014-04-01, 21:27
In early January, I took a movement class (that session it was yoga) through Baue Funeral Home, something they so generously provide for their community to ease the experience of grieving through movement. I am not a stranger to yoga; on Wednesdays and Saturdays I practice Kundalini Yoga in community. THIS was the first of the yogas to further my health, my heart and my purpose and I love, love, love it.

About a year ago, I found a person and place that my body and mind and spirit cannot get enough of and I drive almost an hour to get to her class every chance I get. It is on Wednesdays, so yes, I do yoga twice that day. YOGA and these two Yoginis continually inform me my health, heart and purpose is NOW a priority.

Jane's House and ALL HER Yoginis and The Dynamic Method is NOW my third experience with yoga to further inform AND guide my health and wellness, heal and open my heart, and refine and build my purpose.

That day in January I was like, wow, what was that, where else do you teach? Judy, most likely a living angel, gave me her card and said it's JANE'S HOUSE, just down the street. I now have a place to go every day of the week, any time of the day.

The Dynamic Yoga Method has reduced some chronic aches and pains and increased my strength … calmed my life, REALLY. I cannot say enough. It should be called Jane's House Of Love as it is the perfect third (angle AND side AND leg) to the other two places of love on my "triangle of yoga".

This heart-centered method is a moving meditation and I tell people it is a continuous teaching, through metaphor, for LIVING A FULL LIFE. The instructors' voices and words are gentle and guiding. The important strength-building movements are separated by periods of equally important, less-intense, transition movements, providing increased awareness and peace while attaining all the benefits of yoga. I say metaphor as I take this method off the matt into my life … so, the glass of water I sip quietly on the couch in the in-between times, or the pages I read before my next appointment, or taking a few moments of mindful breathing before getting out of the car, are MY equally important "less intense transitions" that help to provide the awareness and peace I need throughout my day.

I was the only one in Tami's class today (yes, they give class no matter how many). It was like a private session. We slowed things down and she was able to refine my postures, correct specific places where I needed it, and taught me more about my breath and even the sensation where matt meets feet and hands - the feeling I needed to feel.

Yesterday Emily encouraged my forward lunge (I tend to give up on many postures in my mind) through recognizing what I needed. She and the others notice what we do not and provide the assistance, the words, The Listening. I can no longer hide. Sarah made me feel like I can do what I think I cannot. The Dynamic Method is exactly what my body, mind and heart were unknowingly searching for, to share with my other two practices.

So far I have also taken the more advanced The Practice with Janice, The Yin with Liz, and Hot Yoga with Kristen. Every instructor at Jane's House is THE BESTEST … AND subtle … AND nurturing; they believe in me and I feel gotten. I am SO GRATEFUL AND SO HAPPY I LISTENED and my journey led me to Jane's House of Yoga … and Love!
Jennie Alvarez
2013-04-28, 23:11
I am eternally grateful to Robin Buck and Jennifer Phillips for offering the yoga teacher training program to us in St. Thomas, USVI. It was an amazing, transformational and life changing program. I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this course. Certainly to deepen my own practice, but also was excited for an opportunity to share yoga with others.

Robin and Jen created a sacred, loving, nonjudgmental space for us to learn a new language (directing gross action and subtle energetic movements), the yogic philosophy, anatomy, proper alignment, and most of all, an opportunity to see ourselves- which for me is the gift of yoga. I witnessed all of us moving past our self-imposed limits and fears to soar as teachers and yogis.

We all fell in love with the intelligence of the Dynamic Hatha method! It couldn't be more timely with all the current talk of the dangers of yoga. I feel very prepared to offer yoga in a safe way and learned so much about how to sequence in a way that is safe and supportive.

Robin Buck appears to be a normal person, but underneath her hilarious humor and sweet smile is a very wise, loving yogi who shines her beautiful and unique light out into the world. She touched me so deeply and I am proud and honored to be her student.

I am so excited to discover the treasures that I will give and receive as a yoga teacher! Thank you Robin & Jen!!
Emily Weaver
2013-04-28, 23:11
As a yoga student at Jane’s House of Well Being, I was drawn to the Yoga Teacher Training program with a strong desire to share the gifts of yoga with others. The teacher training program at Jane’s House provided me with the competency and knowledge to teach yoga, but also offered a framework to deepen my own practice. As a practice of passionate self inquiry, the teaching method at Jane’s House honors the uniqueness of each student and invites the possibility of seeing the self through a lens of compassion and honesty. Robin Buck and the team of gifted teachers in the training program are passionate, caring, and dedicated, and I am truly grateful for their wisdom and experience. As a graduate and student, I feel blessed to share the Yogic path with the many wonderful teachers and students that make up the Jane’s House community.
Marcia Grafeman
2013-04-28, 23:11
Jane's House Teacher Training Program is fabulous! I am currently about half way through, and the transformation that is happening is truly inspiring. Robin and Christy break down a lot of information into very manageable pieces. Since the training takes a year, we really get the time to take the information and use it in our everyday lives and yoga practices. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to go deeper into self-inquiry and come out as a better person and a certified yoga instructor.
Melissa Brink
2013-04-28, 23:10
The Dynamic Yoga Method creates a complete experience. I am fortunate and grateful to have been given the opportunity to have the guidance of the teachers through the Teacher Training Program. The program goes beyond just teaching yoga. The training has equipped me with the knowledge to discover my beautiful creative force inside and has opened my mind to the spirit of humanity. The subtlety and power of breath and movement into stillness is simple, and from a kinetically inclined perspective, the dynamic yoga method is just that, simple and logical.
Angela Culbertson
2013-04-28, 23:10
After searching and patiently awaiting for "just" the right teacher training program for most of my adult life, I found Robin Buck and the Jane's House Studio Teacher Training philosophy in alignment with the ideals and attributes of a truly authentic recipe for personal growth and self development. The gentleness, maturity, and awareness that Robin brings to the program are one-of -a kind. Who would have thought in Saint Charles, MO, just a stretch west from the Arch, I could have found such inspiration and guidance! Click the heels together three times with your ruby red slippers. There's no place like home!
2013-04-28, 23:10
I have been a high school teacher since 1989 and I’ve completed several graduate levels of formal training as an English teacher. No education I have received has shaped my teaching more than the Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training. The teacher-trainers practice what they teach: direct, mindful instruction of logically and safely sequenced actions. With its clarity and logic, the method gives me confidence as I bring yoga to my high school students, to my middle-aged colleagues, and to students of all ages and levels at a local community center. When a student praises my teaching (praise that most often comes from those who have done yoga for the longest—longer than I have), I simply explain that I was taught well. Grounded in an inquiry into how to find, cultivate and maintain bodily stability and a sense of ease, even in the midst of increasingly challenging action, the Dynamic Yoga Method, as well as the training I’ve received in it, continues to unfold in my life and work—not only in the yoga room, but in the high school classroom, in my exchanges with colleagues, in my life in my neighborhood, and at home, with my own family, in the busy kitchen at the end of the day.
2013-04-28, 23:09
I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and have practiced all different kinds of yoga styles in many different studios around the globe. I can wholeheartedly say that Jane's House of Wellbeing is a gem! The community is so welcoming to an out of towner and the Dynamic Yoga Method is a lovely practice that emphasizes an internal process. I went to 3 different classes led by 3 different instructors and all of them were wonderful! I will most definitely visit this studio again when I return to visit my in-laws.
2013-04-28, 23:09
No words could truly describe how my body, mind and spirit have benefited from Jane's House of Wellbeing. As a personal trainer and figure competitor, I have pushed my body and mind to achieve a higher level of fitness. Little did I realize that I was out of balance as I ignored my aches and pains and "pushed through", not wanting to slow down or listen to my body speaking to me. I thought yoga might help my body to heal, so I found Robin at Janes House in 2011. 

The classes and community here are such that you are not pushed to do, be or become anything other than what is perfectly perfect and right for you. For me, Jane's house opened many new paths and adventures, helped me to know my body better, and guided me to a place of greater peace and nonjudgement. Oh yeah, and my back no longer goes out on me anymore! I believe yoga gave my body space to heal itself. Jane's house is a loving, safe place that is so much greater than can be put into words. As a personal trainer with clients who put their trust in me... I feel comfortable referring my clients to a place that I trust to take care of them as well. I never hesitate to send any and all of my clients to Jane's House of Wellbeing.
Lisa Dinga
2013-04-28, 23:08
Working with Jane’s House of Well-Being, and Robin specifically, is such a blessing in my life. The yoga and other classes have brought me a sense of balance, peace, and relaxation that I have never experienced before, regardless of what I had tried. I had no yoga experience before I started and was a bit nervous, but quickly found that everyone was supportive, non-judgmental, and helped me learn the yoga poses without any problems. I would highly recommend trying Jane’s House of Well-Being.
Ann Canale
2013-04-28, 23:08
If you're thinking of taking up yoga or you want to try out a new yoga studio for yourself, here's a New-Year's suggestion (gift): Jane's House! Practise here is both careful and challenging; instructors are well-trained, aware of students' individual needs or limitations, and certainly provide a congenial and supportive atmosphere for self-development. Whether your interests are strictly with physical stretching and strengthening or you'd like to see how yoga can offer spiritual transformation as well, you would probably thank yourself for discovering Jane's House.
2013-04-28, 23:08
I have been a student at Jane's House since it opened 11 years ago, and I have been a devoted attendee ever since. The calm, fun, accepting atmosphere created by all of the teachers, especially founder Robin Buck, keeps me coming back. I try to make room in my schedule to participate in classes and workshops as often as possible, because I feel renewed and rebalanced when I depart from Jane's House. I treasure my time spent there, and I am grateful for the many new friendships I have made through Jane's House of Well Being. I always believe that taking time to pay attention to my body is the best gift I can give myself.
Colleen Biri
2013-04-28, 23:07
It's been almost 2 years since I started attending classes at Jane's House. I felt comfortable there right away even though I was completely new to yoga. I noticed that I felt more relaxed and slept better in no time, and over time, my flexibility and strength have improved. The rotator cuff pain and limited range of motion I had in my left shoulder when I started are completely better now. The teachers are accepting and inspiring, and I now take my kids to a Youth class there.
Gary B
2013-04-28, 23:07
I have been attending Jane’s House for about 9 years. I have witnessed the studio blossom from a small bud into a most beautiful flower. I have made many friends there and it is wonderful to attend a studio where acceptance, respect, and honor are regarded in the highest degree. Robin and the other teachers at Jane's House are patient, kind, and knowledgeable and are always available for questions or concerns regarding postures. They are also very effective helping us work around our aches and pains when we are on the mat....because most of us have them. : )

Through my practice at Jane’s House, my quest into the “internal” has become very important to me. Robin has taught me that Yoga is not just a physical skill, but also a philosophy and a way of life off the mat as we attend our daily lives. She has been there as my guide as my journey with Yoga continues. I am so grateful I found her and the studio those many years ago. I like to think of her and the Studio as a Lighthouse for the World; a place of safety, honor, and friendship, a place to grow internally aware which is most important as we move though this life.